K-Bond Sand:

K-Bond Sand is named for Kent State where it was developed.
It is an almost smokless oil-bonded foundry-sand for casting zinc, aluminum, brass, bronze and iron.

K-Bond vs Green Sand
K-Bond sand has several advantages over water based green sand.

K-Bond vs Petro-Bond Sand
K-Bond sand has several advantages over Petro-Bond sand.

  • Minimal smoke
  • No bad smell)
  • Does not dry out in storage

K-Bond Sand Recipe / Ingredients:

  • 100 lbs. sand - 100 mesh or finer - US Silica F110
  • 6 lbs. Organo-bentone - Bentone 34 or VG-69
  • 3 lbs. Polybutane (2 US Quarts) Available on this site
  • 0.2 lbs. (3.2oz or 91grams) Propylene Carbonate
Note: Do not substitute Two-Stroke oil for Polybutene.
Some Two-Stroke oil does contain Polybutene, however it is typically in the range of only 5-30%.
The other ingredients in Two-Stroke oil defeat the purpose of K-bond sand.

Mixing Instructions (15lb batches in pictured muller):

  • Using a muller is strongly recomended (hand mulling is possible in small batches 10lb, but very difficult.)
  • Add one batch of sand to the muller (start with very small batches)
  • Add Organo Clay, mull dry until mixed (5 min)
  • Add Polybutene with muller running, distribute as uniformly as possible.
  • Mull until uniform (15 min)
  • Add Propylene Carbonate
  • Mull until uniform (15 min)

Foundry Sand Mulling Machine:

Ready to Use, K-Bond Foundry Sand:

I can supply mulled K-Bond Sand ready to use, send me an email explaining how much you need and your location.

Schmidt Motor Works, Orange California.