Ram Air Cleaner

Ram Air Cleaner
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The Schmidt Motor Works Ram Air Cleaner improves performance with no loss in driveability or engine life.
The horsepower per dollar from a Cold Ram Air Intake is unbeatable.

The amount of horsepower an engine makes is directly related to the density of the air entering the engine.
The Ram Air Cleaner delivers higher density air by reducing the temperature and slightly increasing pressure at high speed.

For each 10 reduction in air temperature you can expect to increase horsepower by 1%.
For a car with an under-hood temperatures of 120 when the outside temperature is 70, the incoming air temperature may be reduced by up to 50 and gain 7% power.
On a 400 horsepower engine, 7% is 28 horsepower!

The SMW Ram Air Cleaner molded in Nylon 6-6 glass fiber composite so it is safe at any under hood temperature.


  • Made in USA
  • Fits standard size 14" x 3" filter element.
  • 1/2" drop for optimum hood clearance / performance balance.
  • Total height from carb flange to air cleaner top is 3.1 inches.
  • Fits 4" duct/hose.
  • Can be sealed air-tight for under-water off-road applications
  • Assembled with 8 Stainless Torx-drive screws
  • Clearance for SBC std. dia. distributor (Not HEI)

  • Does not fit the following applications:
  • Dominator Carburetors
  • Dual Carburetors
  • HEI