Super Spacer Blended Carb Spacer    SMWCS01

Super Spacer Blended Carb Spacer
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  • The SMW Super Spacer is a blended carburetor spacer that fits 4150 flange open plenum manifolds with 600 to 850 cfm square flange carburetors (not spread bore)

  • The super spacer improves flow from the carburetor exit into the manifold by providing a gradual transition from the 4 holes in the carburetor base to the square opening in the manifold. The fully blended shape acts like a trailing faring to prevent the air/fuel mixture from expanding too quickly. The gradual blending in the Super Spacer eliminates turbulence that normally exists at the carburetor exist that chokes-off flow at wide open throttle.

  • Super Spacer users have reported performance improvements of more than 30 HP with better throttle response due to reduced reversion and uniform air/fuel mixture in the manifold.

  • Note: Due to improved flow so it is likely that jet changes will be required to achieve optimum tune.

  • Super spacers are precision CNC machined from 6061 and do not have the large scallops in the bores that other manufacturers leave to save machining time.